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Verse Vis! Live: Yip Roc

16-02-2019 Aanvang: 21:00
 Verse Vis! De nieuwste gitaarbands zie je in Cayen!
Yip Roc:
Go get your flip flops and your inflatable crocodile, ‘cause Yip Roc is on its way! The band blends alternative rock together with a fine taste of garage and punk. The fact that frontman Jorn ten Ham tattooed his shins with the name of the band, is not the only prove that the band gives a full 100%. The outstanding enthusiasm of the band members, combined with the surprising tunes, forms the ultimate Yip Roc experience. Expect an energetic set with catchy riffs, a rhythm section tight as hell and a dirty organ sound.
Categorie: Muziek (Rock)
Prijs € 5
Geplaatst door: jongerencentrumcayen