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Skankhuizen presenteert: The Mauskovic Dance Band

10-03-2018 Aanvang: 21:00
The Mauskovic Dance Band is the brainchild of Nicola Mauskovic- Amsterdam based producer and multi-instrumentalist. Combining elements of Cumbia, Afro-Carribean rhythms, & Psychedelia in equal measure to create a unique hypnotic groove, The Mauskovic Dance Band has become a staple of festival stages and sketchy nightclubs across Europe since 2016.

After years of touring, playing drums for many different projects (including the revival of Zambian legends W.I.T.C.H.), Nicola began some studio experiments that would eventually become the first of several 7” singles, released under the “Mauskovic Dance Band” name by Geneva’s Bongo Joe Records.

Nicola tapped long-time collaborators Donnie Mauskovic (Vocals, Keys, Effects), Em Nix Mauskovic (Guitar, Synth, Percussion), and Mano Mauskovic (Bass) to make the jump from record to stage. Soon they caught the ear of fabled-underground Cumbia producer Juan Hundred, who immediately left his home on an uncharted Caribbean island to join the Mauskovic Dance Band on drums.

Categorie: Muziek (Wereld)
Prijs € 7
Geplaatst door: jongerencentrumcayen